About Ambercycling

Filling the demand for circularity

Ambercycle is pioneering a regeneration processes for landfill-destined textile ‘waste’ that enables true circularity for garments, creating virgin like materials that overcome the limitations of the mechanical recycling processes.

We have the ability to separate fibers within textiles on a molecular level and reprocess them the way virgin materials are processed.

Recycling vs Ambercycling

Bottle to Garment

+ 1 life

– Quality of garments is influenced by the cleanliness of bottles

– No existing infrastructure to recycle the material once in garment form 



Garment to Garment

+ 2 lives

– Shredding process

– Original fiber length is not possible

– Dyes are not removed  

– Impossible to remove all foreign contamination



+ infinite lives


– Reprocessing of the material the way virgin materials are processed




Seamless Integration at
Any Point in your Supply Chain

We are capable of supplying many types of material based on your needs and ease. For more information, contact us at hello@ambercycle.com​